La Via Lattea – ENG

Our birthing centre, led by midwives, provides a special place where the empahsis is on mothering and parenting.

Casa della maternitàOur focus is on the well-being of the mother and her family. Our Centre “La Via Lattea” (The Milky Way) has been active since 1990 and is the first and only one of its kind in Italy. A team of highly experienced midwives and nursery nurses offer guidelines and methods with tender and competent care to the woman during her pregnancy and birthing experience as well as during the first years of her child’s life.

partoOur birth centre is designed for all women who choose to give birth naturally in a calm, comfortable environment, assisted by skilled and caring midwives. It is situated in a residential area and provides a relaxed home-like environment; unlike many hospitals, no medication is used. Our team of midwives and child care workers at La Via Lattea are committed to support women and their young families. We view childbirth as a natural event. We support the views that the events of childbirth and the processes of caring and nurturing the growing children enrich and reward the mother and her family, alike. We provide a secure space in which the safety of mother and child is the centre of our focus.

The natural course of labor is accompanied by two midwives. We provide assistance and care for the health and well-being of both the mother and child. We aim to cater for individual wishes and needs.

What we consider important:

Individual Concern:
An individual relationship evolving during the pregnancy, with continual care being offered is fundamental for the assurance and safety of the mother-to-be and her unborn. Our midwives are committed to the strengthening of this bond both to the mothers, their partners and to their families.

Our midwives evaluate every pregnancy and birth; taking into account all circumstances. We follow and adhere to standard protocol and current scientific evidence.

Selection of the team:
Our midwives and nursery nurses at La Via Lattea are carefully selected. Beyond conventional training, they have shown to be highly competent and display qualities of sensibility, empathy, and attentive, compassionate care.

In English we also offer assistance:

During Pregnancy

  1. Individual antenatal course (class)
  2. Pregnancy counseling with a midwife.
  3. Movement and Dance; starting in the 4th month of pregnancy

Birth and the first months

  1. Ambulatory natural birth in the birth center or at home
  2. Water birth
  3. Midwifery assistance in hospital
  4. Domestic postpartum care (post partum care at home)
  5. Support for early discharge from hospital

For more information just call the birthplace and ask for the midwife Ilaria or send an email.